SVP-917 1-Phase 80A V/A ac Protector + Energy Meter

80A 230V Adjustable Over Under Voltage Protector + Energy Meter
Sinotimer Brand

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Internal Reference: SVP917.80A.PROTECTOR

Model: SVP-917

Description: In case of over-voltage fault, under-voltage fault or over-current fault in line, this product can instantly power off the load to prevent electrical equipment from being burnt. 


  1. LCD display with backlight can display total active energy (kWh), real-time current (A), voltage(V), and active power (W).
  2. LCD display kWh (4 digital+1 decimal) , Bi-directional total active energy measurement, reverse active energy measure in the total active energy.
  3. Product self-design has the function of lighting protection.
  4. Overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, and over-current protection can select auto-reclosing pattern or manual--reclosing pattern.
  5. In case of an over-voltage fault, under-voltage fault or over-current fault in single phase line, the product can power off the line and can automatically restore connecting the line over a time delay after voltage of the lien is recovered to normal condition.
  6. In case of transient over voltage in line, the product can protect the equipment from false operation.
  7. In case that the line subjects to unstable voltage or sudden power-off and power-on due to a loosened connection and other faults, the product will disconnect the line.
  8. When fault voltage of the line reaches the peak, the product itself will not be damaged.
  9. Under over-current protection pattern, you also can select Malignant load protection (Pure Resistive Load limit) which is used for Apartments and Student Dormitories electric safety.
  10. You can select the circuit output cycle switch on/off pattern.
  11. Led indication of overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, and over-current protection.
  12. Diversified design for the protection, you can closed at any one of overvoltage protection, under voltage protection and over-current protection at any time.


  • Model: SVP-917
  • Power supply: AC 85-300V 50/60Hz
  • Loading power: 80A
  • Over-voltage protection value range: 85V~300~OFF (default:270V)
  • Over-voltage protection action time: 0.1s~60s (default value:0.1s)
  • Under-voltage protection value range: 85V--300V-OFF (default:170V)
  • Under-voltage protection action time: 0.1s~60s(default:0.1s)
  • Over-current adjustment range: 1-80A
  • Over-current action range: 0.1~60 second (default: 0.1s)
  • Recovery delay time: 1s~512s(default:60s)
  • Power consumption: <1W
  • Electric machinery life: 100,000 times
  • Installation: 35mm DIN rail