AKAI Spray Cleaner 250mL - Dry Cleaner Degreaser


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Internal Reference: SPRAY.BLUE.DRY

AKAI Dry Cleaner & Degreaser

Penetrates instantly to remove, dissolve, and rinse away dirt, dust, grease, oil, carbon, grime, corrosion, oxidation, and other contacts on electrical, mechanical, and electronic equipment. The fast evaporating formula eliminates the trapping of airborne contaminants and leaves no residue. AKAI Spray is ideal for precision instruments, and sensitive equipment and is compatible with most metals, plastics, and rubbers. 

Recommended applications

Printed circuits, relay points, plugs, contacts tape heads, tuners, switches, potentiometers, telephones, mobile equipment, remote controls, household appliances, computers, and memory devices. It is also suitable for chains cables, CD & DVD players, cameras, hydraulic systems, timing devices, locks, gears, and bearings.