FT-MP-30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V/48V 30A


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Internal Reference: SC.MPPT.ST.H1230


  • Excellent heat dissipation design and cooling fan of intelligent control.
  • Maximum power tracking technology can significantly increase the energy utilization rate of the solar system and can reach 97% of transfer efficiency.
  • A quick scan of the entire I-V curve can track the maximum power point within several seconds.
  • Applicable for 3 types of batteries.Lead-acid battery/Colloid storage battery, Lithium-ion battery. A charging program can be selected.
  • Overcurrent protection, Short circuit protection, Overcharge protection, Over-discharge protection, and Overload protection.

Product Specification:

  • Charging mode: Maximum automatic maximum power point tracking
  • Charging method: Three stages: Constant current charging(MPPT). Equalizing charging, float charging
  • System type: 12V/24V/48V Automatic recognition/Manual setting
  • System identification of voltage:
    • 12V System DC9VDC15V
    • 24V System DC18V-DC30V
    • 48V System DC36V-DC60V
  • Quiescent dissipation 12V/24V/48V ≤2W
  • Overall Unit efficiency 12V/24V/48V ≥96.5%
  • Photovoltaic module utilization ratio 12V/24V/48V ≤99%

Input Characteristics:

  • MPPT Working voltage range:
    • 12V System DC18V-DC150V
    • 24V System DC30V-DC150V
    • 48V System DC65V-DC150V
  • Maximum solar input power
    • 12V System 450W
    • 24V System 750W
    • 48V System 1500W

Output Characteristics:

  • Optional battery type (default lead-acid-free maintenance-free battery): Sealed lead acid, Gel, NiCd battery or User-defined
  • Floating charging voltage(lead acid battery):
    • 12V System 13.8V (Customizable floating charge voltage)
    • 24V System 27.6V (Customizable floating charge voltage)
    • 48V System 55.2V (Customizable floating charge voltage)
  • Average charge voltage(lead acid battery):
    • 12V System 14.4V (Customizable floating charge voltage)
    • 24V System 28.8V (Customizable floating charge voltage)
    • 48V System 57.6V (Customizable floating charge voltage)
  • Rated Current 12V/24V/48V 30A
  • Current-limiting protection: 12V/24V/48V 30A
  • Temperature coefficient 12V/24V/48V ±0.02%/℃
  • Auto temperature compensation 12V/24V/48V -4mV℃


  • LCD Display LCD panel indicating solar power, load level, battery voltage/capacity, charging current, and fault conditions
  • LED Display DC Output indication


  • Input low voltage protection: Reference input attribute
  • Input high voltage protection: Reference input attribute
  • Input polarity reverse protection: Yes
  • Output polarity reverse protection: Yes
  • Short-circuit protection: Could be short-circuited for a long time, could be recovered after the short-circuit fault is eliminated)
  • High-temperature protection: 90 degrees Celsius
  • Audible noise ≤45db
  • Heat dissipation mode: Intelligent air cooling