Riden RD6018W Complete Set DC Power Supply Variable With WiFi


Input Voltage 6~70Vdc Output Voltage 0~60Vdc up to 18A

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Internal Reference: RD6018W.SET

NOTE: The power supply with this KIT is +65V/12A

Riden RD6018W DC Power Supply Variable Adjustable Lab Bench Power Supply Buck Converter Step Down Switching Regulated 4-Digital LCD Display 60V 6A 

About this item

  • 2.4-inch high-definition color screen, support curve display, real-time display output voltage, current, power curve.
  • Professional equipment calibration, using high-precision sampling chip, 4-bit resolution, the detection data error is smaller and more accurate.
  • All-round load protection, safe and reliable. The output overvoltage (OVP) / overcurrent (OCP) can be set. If it exceeds the set value, it will automatically stop to prevent damage to the electrical equipment.
  • Equipment power supply suitable for scientific research laboratories, automated production line testing, electronic instrument maintenance and other places.
  • Battery charging, suitable for various types of battery charging (up to 60v)


  • Display screen: 2.4 inch color LCD display
  • Output voltage current range: 0-60.00V, 0-18.000A
  • Output voltage current measurement resolution: 0.01V, 0.001A
  • Output power range: 0-1080W
  • Battery voltage measurement resolution: 0.01V
  • Output voltage current accuracy: ±(0.3%+3 digits), ±(0.5%+5 digits)
  • Battery voltage measurement accuracy: ±(0.5%+3 digits)
  • Output ripple typical: 100mV VPP
  • Constant voltage mode response time: 2ms(0.1A-5A load)
  • External sensor temperature detection range: -10℃~100℃/0℉~200℉
  • External sensor temperature detection accuracy: ± 3℃/ ± 6℉
  • Constant voltage current mode load adjustment rate : ±(0.1%+2 digits),±(0.1%+3 digits)
  • Capacity measurement measurement range: 0-9999.99Ah, 0-9999.99Wh
  • Screen brightness setting: 0-5 level total 6 levels
  • Capacity and energy statistical error: ±2%
  • Working mode: buck mode voltage drop >1V and >10%
  • Working temperature range: -10℃~40℃
  • Support USB communication: YES
  • Support WiFi communication: YES
  • Cooling fan start condition:
    • Output voltage>40V or Output current>4A or System temperature>45℃
    • Output current>8A or System temperature>45℃
  • Cooling fan shut down condition when working:
    • Output voltage <40V and Output current <3.9A and System temperature <45℃
    • Output current <7.9A and System temperature <45℃

Instruction video for manual:

  1. Battery Charging Function Introduction: https://youtu.be/irTbqfqtgU0
  2. Output Voltage and Output Current Setting: https://youtu.be/S6Kan66dNsk
  3. Data Group Quick Storage and Call out: https://youtu.be/eo5saPjOGpo
  4. Keypad lock and unlock: https://youtu.be/zxpmasJyQ6Y
  5. System Setting: https://youtu.be/Q9d3rIgIrOc
  6. Main Page Style Setting: https://youtu.be/f51VDiY2VHE
  7. Storage Data Setting: https://youtu.be/i1kTeurS13I
  8. System Information: https://youtu.be/Um4NQObeeJE
  9. IOS APP Download, Installation and Connection: https://youtu.be/nH2HYwop0TE
  10. IOS APP Operation: https://youtu.be/lXSw1CM9IY8
  11. Android APP Download, Installation and Connection: https://youtu.be/QwyBEUCnp9c
  12. Anroid APP Operation: https://youtu.be/hqrF4keTfbE
  13. PC Software Download and basic operation: https://youtu.be/mjt1RMaah1Y
  14. Firmware Upgrade: https://youtu.be/NOoLfDw0DiY
  15. Calibration: https://youtu.be/c9sn1wY2mjE
  16. Logo Update: https://youtu.be/vuVhBsohWts

Kit Include:

  1. The main unit of RD6018W
  2. Power Supply +65V 12A
  3. Official Encluser
  4. Screws, nuts, switch & Plug