RF Kit 433 MHz (Transmitter + Receiver)


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Internal Reference: KIT.RF.TRX

Two modules come together one is a receiver and the other is a transmitter with the following specifications:

  • Transmit power: 1W (30~50m)
  • Operating frequency: 433.92MHZ
  • Operating temperature:-40℃~80℃
  • Operating voltage: 3V~5V
  • Modulation type: ASK. Both modules come with an antenna


This wireless transmitter-receiver pair can be used for variety of applications. They can operate on a supply voltage range from 3V to 5V. The transmitter has a transmission power of 1 watt, providing a range of nearly 100 meters.


  • Transmitter:
    • Operating voltage: 3V – 5V.
    • Operating frequency: 315MHz – 433.92MHz.
    • Operating temperature: -40°C – 80°C.
    • Transmission power: 1 watt.
    • Modulation type: ASK.
  • Receiver:
    • Operating voltage: 5V.
    • Operating frequency: 315MHz – 433.92MHz.
    • Operating temperature: -40 oC – 80 oC.
    • Operating current: 8mA maximum rating.
    • Modulation type: ASK superheterodyne.
    • Receiver sensibility: -115dB.

It is to be noted that this transmitter-receiver pair cannot be used to transmit and receive analog signals, rather it can only be used to transmit and receive serial digital data streams with a maximum 20Kbps baudrate.

Notice also that one-transmitter-to-many-receivers can be implemented, while many transmitters cannot be used together in vicinity to avoid interference problems. Consequently, this pair can only be used for half duplex, one-way communications (i.e. the transmitter is in one side and one or multiple receivers only on the other side. The other side cannot reply back on the transmitting side, only listens to it).