Box of 100 Pairs Package Gauge Male-Female Solderless Crimp Bullet Connectors (SKU#KIT.R.8)

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375.00 EGP

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Internal Reference: KIT.R8.100PAIR.COLOR

Do you have a problem connecting two wires in the normal way? now we have this connector to connect two wires in a pluggable way, so you just need to connect each wire terminal to one of these pairs by using the cramping tool or a normal Stripper, and then you will be able to plug or unplug them too easy.

  • 100Pair Insulated Female & Male Connector Wire Crimp Terminal Set FRD/MPD2-156 - 5 color
  • Fit Wire: 0.75- 2.5mm²
  • Rust-resistant zinc plating
  • Insulating PVC sleeve
  • 100 pairs - each 1 Set is 1 male & 1 female connector