Kit Photo Encoder - Motor Speed Sensor Module Circuit

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Internal Reference: KIT.PHOTO.ENCODER

Beam photoelectric sensor - photoelectric switch infrared radiation count motor speed sensor module 

Here is a motor speed sensor module, the major goal is to check the rate of an electric motor. The module can be used in association with a microcontroller for motor speed detection, pulse count, position limit, etc. In principle, any rate meter simply measures the rate at which some event occurs. Usually this is done by counting the events for a given period of time (integration interval) and then simply dividing the number of events by the time to get the rate. 


  • Dimension: 32mm X 11mm X height 20mm width
  • U width of sensor is 10mm
  • The main chip: LM393, infrared on the radiohead
  • The working voltage: 5 Vdc
  • Characteristics:
    • Having a signal output instruction.
    • A single-channel signal output
    • The output valid signal is low
    • The sensitivity is not adjustable
    • Can be used to count the workpiece, the motor speed