ESP32 OLED 0.96" WiFi TTGO + Bluetooth

With 18650 Battery Protection Board

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750.00 EGP

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Internal Reference: KIT.ESP32.OLED.0.96

WiFi Bluetooth Battery Module 18650 ESP32 0.96 inch OLED Development Tools 

Product Description

  • When you do some ESP32 projects, you are tired of having to use an external mobile power supply to provide power. This small board can solve this problem. LG 3000mAH 18650 battery can make ESP32 work properly with 18650 charging system integration.
  • integrated OLED 0.96 inch
  • Indicates the inside of the LED (green means full, red means charging)
  • Charging and working can be done at the same time.
  • 1 switch can control the power supply.
  • Can program 1 extra LED (connected to GPIO16 [D0])
  • 0.5A charging current 1A output
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Full ESP32 pin breakout