USB To ESP8266 WiFi Development Module

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Internal Reference: KIT.ESP.USB.PC

USB to ESP8266 Wifi Development Module Mobile Computer Wireless Communication Microcontroller 


  • Adopt CH340 serial port chip, stable performance, good compatibility for Windows system.
  • The adapter board integrates 1000uF solid capacitor to ensure the current supply and the WIFI module will not crash due to power problems.
  • Adopt 3225 patch crystal oscillator to improve the stability of serial port operation, and it is beautiful and tall.
  • This module is only a USB to serial module, only responsible for converting the USB interface into a serial port suitable for the ESP8266 module.
  • This adapter board is mainly used to facilitate the connection of the ESP8266 to the PC through the serial port.
  • Does not include the ESP8266 WIFI module, only the conversion board.