Romeo V2.2 Robot Control Board with Motor Driver (SKU#3D1021)

Compatible with Arduino IDE

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Internal Reference: KIT.3D.1021


The Romeo V2.2 is a robotics-oriented all-in-one board based on the Arduino Leonardo ATmega32U4 chip with motor control and other added functionality on-board.


  • Romeo V2.2 Board (Arduino compatible)


  • ATmega32U4 processor running at 16MH w/built-in serial to USB converter
  • 32KB Flash memory
  • 20 Digital I/O
  • 7 PWM shared with the digital I/O
  • 12 Analog inputs that can also be used as digital I/O for a total of up to 26 digital I/O
  • 2-Channel L298 2A DC motor driver
  • 1-Channel L298 2A stepper motor driver
  • Separate servo motor 5V supply input
  • Integrated Xbee wireless form factor socket
  • Integrated APC220 RF and DF-Bluetooth module sockets
  • Duplicated I/O pins with male and female headers plus dedicated power & ground pins
  • Compatible with many R3 shields
  • 3 sets of I2C connections
  • 1 Hardware serial port
  • 6-20V input power or powered via USB connection

This board is a clone of the DFRobot Romeo V2.2 board.  The board provides an all-in-one solution for driving motors and handling sensors.  It is based on the Arduino Leonardo ATmega32U4 chip and should be programmed using the Arduino Leonardo board selection in the IDE.

This platform packs a lot into a small space.  It can be a handy platform, but also a bit overwhelming if you are new to Arduino.  Be sure to pay particular attention when hooking up power.  To make things easier, we download and test using the software below and leave it in the board when you get it.


Serial to USB ConverterBuilt-in Native USB
Operating Voltage5V
Input Voltage (recommended)7-12V
Digital I/O Pins20
PWM I/O Pins (Shared with Digital I/O)7
Analog Input Pins12
DC Current per I/O Pin40mA (Max)     20mA (Typ)
Hardware Serial Ports1
Flash Memory32 KBytes
SRAM2.5 KBytes
Clock Speed16MHz
Motor Driver ICL298
Built-in LEDAttached to digital pin 13
USB Connector Style Micro-B Female
Board Dimensions (PCB) 90 x 85mm (3.5 x 3.3″)