Heating Pad 5V/5W Size 5x10cm


Polyimide Film Heater - With Adhesive Layer

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Internal Reference: HEATING.PAD.5V.5W

Product Specifications:

  1. Power: 5Vdc
  2. Output heating power: 5W
  3. Size: 50 x 100 mm
  4. With a back adhesive layer
  5. Cable length: 260 mm

Introduction to polyimide series products

Polyimide film heater is a translucent metal flexible electric heating sheet with sandwich structure. The upper and lower sides of the polyimide heating film are polyimide films with good temperature resistance and insulation, and the middle is a resistive circuit made of special alloy foil. It is widely used because of its temperature range and chemical corrosion resistance. Polyimide heating film is ideal in the environment where space and weight are limited and the electric heater is exposed to vacuum, oil or chemicals. Polyimide heating film has excellent insulation strength, excellent electrical strength and excellent heat conduction efficiency. The heater is made of special alloy foil, which has excellent resistance stability and electrothermal conversion rate. This enables it to be widely used in the field of heating and obtain quite high temperature control accuracy. 

Product advantages

1. Surface heating, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and power saving

Polyimide thin film electric heater is a surface heating material, which forms the maximum heat conduction surface with the heated body, and the heat transfer thermal resistance is small. When heating with electricity, the heat can be quickly transferred to the heated body. Due to the good thermal conductivity of this heating method, the temperature of the electric heating film itself is not too high, there is no redness and incandescence, and the radiant heat loss is very small. Therefore, the thermal efficiency of the electric heating appliance made of the electric heating film is quite high, generally about 90%. 

Due to the small heat dissipation area of the traditional point heat source, it depends on other objects to conduct indirectly with the heated body. In the process of electrothermal conversion, the heat energy generated by electric energy can not be transmitted to the heated body quickly, resulting in the excessive concentration of heat on the electrothermal element, the element itself quickly becomes hot, and a large part of electric energy becomes light energy and dissipates, resulting in low electrothermal conversion efficiency. Polyimide film electric heater can heat the position requiring heating. 

You only need to place them on the surface of the parts to be heated. Its thin structure can provide close thermal coupling between the electric heating element and the radiator. In areas with high heat loss, you can even specify a configuration heating mode with higher power density. In the comparative experiment, using the same type of containers with the same power and boiling the same amount of water, the electric film electric cooker saves 50% electricity than the electric furnace, the electric film enamel cooker saves 10% - 20% electricity than the electric tube cooker, and the electric film metal cooker saves 20% - 40% electricity than the general electric tube cooker. The electric film electric heater has obvious energy-saving effect. 

2. Fast preheating, long service life and not easy to damage

For large surface area, the heat transfer effect of flat foil element of polyimide film electric heater is higher than that of wound electric heater. Therefore, the thermal difference formed by polyimide electrothermal film between resistance element and radiator is not very obvious, and the electrothermal film still maintains a low temperature state. The electric heating film can still operate safely when the power is twice that of the wound heating plate. The insulation life can reach ten times that of the wound electric heater. The general electric heat source is always used in the hot state, so it is easy to produce oxidation and cause open circuit of the joint. When the electric heating film works, due to the large contact surface and fast heat conduction, its own temperature is low, which improves the oxidation problem of the electric heating film material in the state of power on heating and prolongs its service life. 

3. Strong appearance selectivity and wide application range

The electric heating film can be made into film shape and linear shape, and can be intercepted in different lengths and sizes according to needs. It can be fixed on the surface of the heated object by wrapping, pasting, winding and other methods. All kinds of utensils or working surfaces with complex shapes can be coated. This characteristic of electric heating film makes the application range of electric heating film more extensive than that of traditional electric heating elements. 

4. No open fire, safe and reliable

The electrothermal film does not produce open fire during electrothermal conversion. When the electric heating film heater is heated to 100 ℃ boiling water, the electric heating film will not burn paper, cotton and matches, and will not ignite in contact with them. Therefore, the electric heating film is very suitable for some special places that need heating and insulation, but do not allow open fire. 

5. Save space and reduce weight

The weight of polyimide electrothermal film is usually only (0.04q / cm2), and the measured thickness in the element is only (0.15-0.2mm). For areas with limited space, such as defense electronics, aerospace equipment, portable medical instruments, high-density electronic equipment, polyimide film electric heater can meet your requirements. 

6. Corrosion and radiation resistance

It can resist the corrosion of most chemicals, such as acids and solvents. It can resist 106 rad radiation. 

7. Custom devices

Custom options provide the perfect set of solutions, significantly reducing assembly time and increasing productivity. Custom configuration can provide balanced heating output performance to improve processing production and productivity. 

Scope of application

  1. Medical diagnostic equipment and analyzer.
  2. Maintain satellite element temperature.
  3. Keep aircraft electronic and mechanical equipment resistant to low temperatures in high altitude areas.
  4. Keep optoelectronic components stable.
  5. Make the card reader, LCD or durable notebook computer and other outdoor electronic equipment operate normally under low temperature conditions.
  6. Keep the temperature of analysis and test equipment constant.
  7. Defrosting sheet of automobile rearview mirror, snow and defrosting heating element of antenna or radar.