DMT80480C070-15WT LCD 7" DWIN

Color TFT Touch LCD with RS232/RS485 Interface Protocol

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Internal Reference: DMT80480C070.15WT

  • LCD Type: TFT
  • Resolution: 800×480. 90°rotation by configuration file (480×800)
  • Color: 65K(65536) colors, 16 bit color 5R6G5B
  • Active Area(A.A.): 154.1mm(W)×85.9mm(H)
  • Touchscreen Type: 4-wire resistance touchscreen
  • Touchscreen Inaccuracy: +/- 0.5%, Calibrate on running.
  • Backlight Type: LED. The half brightness life will not less than 30000hrs.
  • Brightness: 300nit, 64 levels adjustment: Touchscreen controls brightness and light time.
  • SD Slot: SD/SDHC, FAT32 file format; Download and upgrade pictures, fonts, and configuration files.
  • RTC Accuracy: 1 sec/24hours, 25oC.
  • Other Hardware: Buzzer, Software controls tweet; Automatically sound prompts when effective touch button is clicked.


DWIN LCM is widely used in the industrial and medical fields, such as Digital Protection Equipment, Laser Beauty Instrument, Microwave Scalpel etc.

Other Information

  • Working Temperature: 60%RH at 12V voltage. Min. -20, Typical 25, Max. 70 oC.
  • Storage Temperature: Min. -30, Typical 25, Max. 85 o C
  • Working Humidity: 25 C. Min. 10%, Typical 60%, Max. 90%RH.
  • Aging Test: 24H
  • ESD Protection Grade: IEC Class 4 (Contact and In-Air)
  • Protection grade: IP65 (Front)
  • Other certification: CE RoHS
  • Power Voltage DC 6.0V-42.0V, with Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Power Consumption: 4.8W (12V 400mA)
  • Interface Model: N81
  • Interface Protocol: RS485 & RS232
  • Socket: 6Pin_3.81mm