Project Working Area for ATMEGA8/48/88/168/328
ATMEGA328 Project Kit supports 28-pin DIP AVR microcontrollers such as ATMEGA8 and ATMEGA328
200.00 EGP 200.0 EGP
CH423 I2C 24 Digital IO Expansion Module
Extends 24 digital ports via I2C
325.00 EGP 325.0 EGP
Kit ARM Development (Panda) Based on STM32F103C8T6
With a Full Set of Accessories (OLED LCD + Blue Bill + ST LINK + Cable)
1,750.00 EGP 1750.0 EGP
4 Channel PNP +ve O/P Transistor Interface 5A - TP4
4-channel positive output transistor module industrial control with opto-isolation.
300.00 EGP 300.0 EGP
Voltage to PWM Converter Module 0-5V-10V to 0-100% (SKU#VPWM)
Converter Analog Voltage to 0-100% PWM
150.00 EGP 150.0 EGP
PWM to Voltage Converter Module 0-100% to 0-10V (SKU#PWMV)
Converter PWM digital signal into 0 to 10V analog signal
150.00 EGP 150.0 EGP
Kit Eta32-BIG Atmel AVR USB Development System - Based on ATMEGA32
With a Full Set of Accessories (ESP01S + USBasp AVR Programmer + Power Adapter + Cables)
3,150.00 EGP 3150.0 EGP
Voltage to Current Signal Converter Module (SKU#VI800)
0-5V to 0-20mA Voltage to Current Converter
375.00 EGP 375.0 EGP
ADS1115 - 16 Bit I2C ADC Module
4 Channel Analog to Digital Converter
350.00 EGP 350.0 EGP
125.00 EGP 125.0 EGP
275.00 EGP 275.0 EGP
Micro SD Card Module For Arduino or MCU
5V Compatible Micro SD Card Adapter
50.00 EGP 50.0 EGP
Kit Arduino UNO Development
Complete Development Learning Kit for Arduino UNO
2,650.00 EGP 2650.0 EGP