BON-102 Flux Coating Tool

Flux Pen - Welding Flux Pen

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100.00 EGP

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Internal Reference: BON.102.FLUX.PEN


  • Applicable to various kinds of flux
  • Won't harm PCB boards and ICs
  • Excellent for spot soldering on IC chips
  • Empty tube


  • Easy to operate, easy to carry, can repeat the filling flux such as the addition of alcohol, cleaning brush use.
  • Prevent flux evaporation, to ensure constant flux characteristics.
  • Sheaths transparent, easy to understand the usage of the flux or cleaning agent.
  • Cleaning the pen after inhalation of alcohol.
  • Soft brush nib never hurt the PC board copper foil and IC pin Pin.
  • The brush nib release of flux, the liquid flow is moderate.

BON-102 can be filled with flux pen, widely used in PCB soldering etc. Note: The pen comes empty - without liquid flux