Piezo Element - 20mm 2.4Mhz Piezoelectric Humidifier


Energy Conversion Plate

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Internal Reference: SEN.PIEZO.20MM


This Piezoelectric Humidifier is made of high-quality material, durable, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and high hardness, great effect, and serve you for a long time. With electronic high-frequency oscillation ( 2.4MHz), the liquid water molecules are processed into flowing mist and release a large number of negative ions, which react with smoke, dust, and the like floating in the air to cause precipitation. It also can effectively remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and bacteria, so that the air can be purified and the disease can be reduced, keep your and your family’s health. Low impedance, waveform is stable, high electromechanical conversion efficiency and low dielectric loss, this atomizer saves more energy than heated atomization. 


  • Made From High-Quality Materials.
  • Electronic High-Frequency Oscillations (2.4MHz).
  • Material: Ceramic, Wire
  • Diameter: Atomizer: 2cm/0.79in; Sealing ring: 2.5cm/0.98in


  • Nominal Frequency: 2.4MHz
  • Adjustable Frequency Difference: 0.01MHz
  • Temperature Frequency Difference: 0.01MHz
  • Total Frequency Difference: 0.02MHz
  • Load Capacitance: 2200pF
  • Load Resonance Resistor: 350Ω
  • Excitation Level: 250mW
  • Reference Temperature: 26℃
  • Insertion Loss: 3dB
  • Diameter: Atomizer: 2cm/0.79in; Sealing ring: 2.5cm/0.98in